Volunteers make it happen!

By becoming a volunteer for COA Youth & Family Centers, you will play an important role in our commitment to serving children, strengthening families, and building community. Whether you’re an individual, family or workplace group, COA can provide a volunteer opportunity that meets your interests and commitment level. Not only does volunteering allow you to work towards positive community-wide change, volunteering also offers many of the following benefits:

  • Developing communication and leadership skills
  • Meeting new people and making connections
  • Sharing your strengths and skills with others
  • Gaining valuable work experience
  • Learning to work as part of a team
  • Increasing your confidence
  • Making a difference in someone’s life
Volunteer Application

If you’re an individual looking for an ongoing volunteer opportunity:

The first step is to complete a Volunteer Application so that we can find the best fit for you, based on your interests and availability. The application can be returned by mail or email: Attn: Volunteer Coordinator COA Youth & Family Centers 909 E. North Avenue Milwaukee, WI 53212 LLysaght@coa-yfc.org

After we have received your application, and worked with you to determine the volunteer opportunity that’s right for you, you will need to complete a criminal background check. Please note that COA does not accept court-ordered service requirements.

The final step is to attend a volunteer orientation, so that you can become familiar with COA and learn what to expect from volunteering with us!

If you’re looking for a one-time project, we would be happy to accommodate your group:

Fill out this group volunteer interest form and we will contact you!

Questions? Call Laura, COA’s Volunteer Coordinator, at (414) 263-8383 x1212.

Did you know that Milwaukee ranks third in the nation for volunteerism?

  • The estimated value of volunteer time for 2014 is $23.07 per hour.

  • So, if an ongoing volunteer stays with COA for at least a year…
    $23.07 x 3 hours per week (average) x 52 weeks per year = $3,599.00 for COA

  • And on average, COA places 80 new ongoing volunteers per year…
    $3,599.00 x 80 new volunteers per year = $287,920.00 for COA

  • Plus, the average group project is 4 hours long, and COA places about 215 one-time volunteers per year…
    $23.07 x 4 hours x 215 volunteers per year = $19,840.00 for COA

  • That means our volunteers are providing $307,760.00 worth of services for COA each year, and these dollars can instead be allocated to programs that make a life changing impact for children and families in need!

(Sources: The Corporation for National & Community Service and The Independent Sector)

COA Mission

COA Youth & Family Centers helps Milwaukee children, teens, and families reach their greatest potential through a continuum of educational, recreational, and social work programs offered through its urban community centers and rural camp facility. As a multicultural agency, COA values diversity and cooperation, and promotes growth and positive social interaction.

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