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STEM Event Updates

On Friday, May 18th, 2018, COA youth from five different sites met in the Goldin gym to compete with their STEM project display boards with each other and judges from the community. The youth learned about the scientific method and worked on STEM projects of various ideas such as Which bubble gum brand results in the largest bubble? and Which soda results in the highest mentos geyser.

Mitchell Domes
During Spring Break 2018, Riverwest and Goldin took a joint field trip to the Mitchell Park Horticultural Conservatory aka the Mitchell Domes! The youth had a scavenger hunt activity that took them through three the different ecosystems at the domes.

Kohl’s Wild Theater
COA youth has also had the opportunity to engage with another Kohl’s Hometown Partner, the Zoological Society! The Zoological Society has brought Kohl’s Wild Theater to both the Goldin and Riverwest Center, teaching youth about STEM concepts specifically on animals and conservation. The most recent musical was about a space adventure to the 8 different planets!

STEM Day at UW-Waukesha
COA youth through the UW-Extension 4-H SySTEMatics program had the opportunity to attend a STEM day at UW-Waukesha on March 17th, 2018! The youth learned about robotics, cantilevers, fast plants, and forensics, as well as planning early for college!

National STEM Day
COA celebrated National STEM Day on November 8th with a STEM Exploration event at our Goldin Center. 90 youth from our pre-teen and teen programs attended the event, where they participated in exciting STEM activities and learned about STEM career fields. We also took a group of COA girls to the Girls & STEM event at Discovery World on November 11th.

COA Mission

COA Youth & Family Centers helps Milwaukee children, teens, and families reach their greatest potential through a continuum of educational, recreational, and social work programs offered through its urban community centers and rural camp facility. As a multicultural agency, COA values diversity and cooperation, and promotes growth and positive social interaction.

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