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Did you see the plumes of smoke rising out of Riverwest last week? Why was COA’s Kadish Park on fire? (more pics) Tom Schneider, COA’s Executive Director, explains how that fire helps preserve the natural beauty of the riverside bluffs at the Park:

Burning the park sounds strange…almost dangerous; but it was neither. The lower bluff sections of COA’s Kadish Park is planted with prairie grass, which looks great and also has a deeper root system to stabilize the bluffs. Every few years the bluff’s have a controlled burn which kills the weeds, drives the prairie grass roots deeper, and helps the prairie grasses flourish. Under the supervision of skilled technicians, and the watchful eye of the fire dept, all went well.

The controlled burn conducted by Blue Skies Landscaping allows us to keep the park filled with plants native to Wisconsin, save long term costs on landscaping (a big deal to a nonprofit!), and, most importantly sets the stage for another amazing summer at Kadish and Kilbourn Parks.

Outdoor spaces like these help bring the community together. Now that the bluffs are clear, we’re excited for another great summer of free, family-friendly cultural activities at Kadish Park and the Selig-Joseph-Folz Amphitheater. COA’s Skyline Music Series is in its 10th year, filling the park with music every Tuesday night between July 12 and August 23rd (5:30 – 8:30 p.m.) – and our friends at the Optimist Theatre are already gearing up for another season of Shakespeare in the Park,” said Tom Schneider.

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